3530 Flat Shoals Road     404-212-5100 7 days a week 1-9pm

Exotic Piercings            $50.00

Below the waist

Basic Piercings             $25.00

Nose, Eyebrow, Lip, Tounge, Ear, Belly,

Scoop, Smiley, Surface Piercings

Ear Stretching           $5.00/ear

Gauges, Tunnels, Plugs, ect....


Dermal Piercings            $35.00

Microdermal Piercings

Double Piercings          $40.00          

Industrial, Nipples, Snake Eyes, Snake Bites

Tattoos Starting Prices

Names/Words                 $30.00 and up

Portraits                       $120.00 and up

Sleeves                         Come in for Price

Half Sleeves                  Come in for Price

Cover-Ups                       $65.00 and up

Tattoo repair                Come in for price