Tattoo AfterCare

1. Remove bandage after 1-2 hours. DO NOT REBANDAGE.

2. Wash tattoo gently with mild soap and warm water. Remove all medication, excess color/ink and dried blood.

3. Dry tattoo by blotting with soft, clean, dry towel.

4. Use only recomended ointment (Tattoo Goo), or Lubiderm Lotion. DO NOT USE VASELINE.

5. A slight protective scab will form in about two days. DO NOT scratch or pick at tattoo.

    DO NOT expose tattoo to direct sunlight.

6.Healing will be complete in approximately 10 to 14 days.

7. DO NOT soak in bathtub. No swimming until skin is completely healed.

8. Proper care during the healing process will ensure detail and colors stay.

9. DO NOT rely on information from anyone but a professional tattoo artist.

                                  If you have any questions, call the shop 404-212-5100.


Piercing AfterCare

1. DO NOT touch the body piercing. DO NOT let anyone else touch, kiss or lick the body piercing.

2. DO NOT take it out. Body piercings may take many months to years to completely heal.

    Changing or removing jewelry should be avoided during the healing period.

3. DO NOT let the body jewelry come in contact with another persons bodily fluids.

4. Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or hand soap. They may damage healthy cells and cause scar tissue.

    Petroleum jelly is not recommended for aftercare as it can collect and promote the growth of bacteria.

5. Avoid hot tubs and public pools during the healing process. If you must swim, cover with a waterproof bandage.

6.Reduce the intake of alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and asprin during the initial healing process.

7. Avoid smoking, chewing tobaccoo and spicy foods for oral piercings.

8. Take Vitamin C, a multivitamin, and a zinc supplement throughout the healing process. This will accelerate healing and tissue regeneration

9. Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for a few weeks. Definitely avoid tanning oils, lotion and sand.

10. Avoid tight fitting clothes, which might irritate a new piercing.

11. Change your bed sheets/pillow case at least once a week, depending on where your got pierced.

                                               If you have any questions, call the shop 404-212-5100.